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People Tip: Getting Team Buy In
By Jaime Oikle

How do you look at the team concept in your restaurant? Is it a conscious thought process or something that you expect to just happen? How do you go about communicating your expectations with the staff and do they clearly know what is expected of them?

Just as there is incredible power in a strong team, there is a disaster waiting to happen in a weak team environment. A strong team over achieves and accomplishes results that they could never reach working independently. Unfortunately, a strong team does not happen by accident. It takes management awareness, focus and effort.

What Does a Strong Team Look Like?

There are several readily identifiable characteristics of strong teams.

  • Team has clear goals and sense of restaurant's vision/direction
  • Clear understanding of individual roles and responsibilities
  • Agreed upon procedures (for dealing with things like conflict and decision making)
  • Complementary skills that create a well rounded set of team skills and experience
  • Constructive relationships with a sense of trust and respect
  • Team members are committed to the team and hold each other mutually accountable for successes and failures
  • Reinforcement of team behaviors (including recognition, appreciation, and being held accountable)

Jaime Oikle is Founder and Owner of Restaurant Report, LLC, an online resource for the independent restaurant community.

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