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Top Restaurants Around the World

Tourism is a major source of revenue for many nations. Each year, there are about 1.4 billion international arrivals, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Millions of people travel to visit a variety of tourist attractions including museums and monuments. But, some tourists get fascinated by the foods which various communities prepare. The following are five top restaurants around the world.

1. Antichi Sapori (Montegrosso, Italy)

Unlike other Italian communes, Montegrosso doesn't have taxis. Antichi Sapori is located near a small collection of buildings. It is Pietro Zito's passionate project. He often tends to a huge garden near the restaurant and likes to preserve the region's cooking traditions. Antichi Sapori has rustic farm-tool decorations and wooden tables. Also, it has a' la carte menu and a set menu will cost you $45. A gourmet can start with fresh fava beans with a sharp cheese topping, toast with wild herbs, an antipasti smattering, and baked artichoke hearts. A typical main course consists of beef, donkey, pork, or grilled sausage. The restaurant sources foodstuff from nearby farms.

2. Burnt Ends (Singapore)

Singapore is a major tourist destination in Asia. Many foreign tourists like eating chili crab in top Singaporean restaurants. Burnt Ends is one of the most alluring restaurants in the country. Reports state that it was built in 2014 and many Singaporeans know it as the "modern Australian barbeque restaurant." Dave Pynt, the senior chef, is from Australia while other workers are from different countries.

Dave designed a huge brick kiln in the middle of Burnt Ends. The restaurant cooks most delicacies on a custom-built grill or its ovens. They include steaks galore, tender fennel served with burrata, and long garlic shoots served with gremolata.

3. St. John (London)

St. John is one of the most popular food joints in London. It provides hedonists with a memorable eating experience. Trevor Gulliver, Jon Spiteri, and Fergus Henderson opened it in October 1994. The dining room lacks flowers and piped-in music. The marrow is one of the most popular menus at St. John. It is made up of four huge cylinders of bone served with parsley salad and toast. Asparagus served with salt and melted butter is a favorite dish for many gastronomes during spring.

4. Attica (Melbourne)

Ben Shewry is the owner and chef of Attica. He explores different culinary personalities from Australia including emu liver and avocado toast. Other menus include perfect dice and avocado slices served with mint and finger lime, and lamingtons coated in huge black ants. Attica makes grills crocodile ribs. The restaurant is located in Ripponlea, southeast of Melbourne. The Jewish suburb is explored in "An imperfect history of Ripponlea" dish.

5. Alinea (Chicago, USA)

Grant Achatz is the chef and owner of Alinea. It is famous for its incredible food deconstruction and preparations. The three-star restaurant offers a 23 course tasting menu that the chef prepares in four and a half hours.

William Reed Business Media produces a list of The World's Best 50 Restaurants annually. It creates the list based on polls of international gourmands, chefs, restaurant critics, and restauranteurs. Some people spend their vacations visiting different restaurants. The top restaurants worldwide include St. John, Antichi Sapori, Burnt Ends, Attica, and Alinea.

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