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How to Keep Your Restaurant Hygienic During This Pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, restaurants and other businesses were struck badly with many businesses shutting down and people losing their jobs etc. Thankfully, restaurants are starting to open up again now that the lockdown restrictions have eased slightly. It is important to take as many safety measures as you can with keeping the place disinfected and generally clean all the time.

Image from Pixabay

With the following helpful tips on how to keep your restaurant clean, you will give your customers peace of mind when dining at your restaurant.

Staff Cleanliness

It is absolutely vital that your staff are clued up on how to keep themselves as clean as they can possibly be. Reiterating the rules to them frequently is important so that it is at the forefront of everyone's minds. Washing their hands frequently is important because they will be in contact with members of the public every day by touching their plates or glasses etc. If they need to cough or sneeze, it is also important that they know to direct their face away from anyone and to do the cough or sneeze into their elbow. This then contains the germs that would otherwise have been spread. They also need to know to report any slight changes in their health; even if they don't think it is coronavirus related, in this current climate, it still needs to be reported.

Hand Washing Stations

It is important to have sanitizer available at any touching point around your restaurant. For example, by the door, by the bathroom, by the cash register etc. It may also be a good idea to invest in portable hand sinks as washing your hands and arms for 20 seconds is the best way to disinfect. Also, make sure there are plenty of soap stations in the bathrooms and that you perform regular checks, as you don't want any soap to run out.

Disinfect Everything

Disinfectant spray will become your new best friend from now on. Make sure that with every new customer that sits at a table, the table has been fully wiped down using disinfectant. Also, doing regular cleans in the kitchen and bathrooms is vital. Make sure that it is being cleaned constantly but also make sure you are carrying out deep cleans too. Also, don't forget to clean cash registers, and anything that you or the customers will touch at any point needs to be disinfected regularly.

Face Masks

It is important for employees to wear face masks because when they greet people at the front of the restaurant or show them to their table and take their orders etc., they could be passing on the virus through the air. If your customers pay at the till, it is also worth buying a protective see-through screen to create that extra barrier.

Making sure your customers are safe and happy is the main thing with any business. If you aren't taking protective measures, then customers won't feel comfortable.

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