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Time to Discover Why You Are Losing Your Team

By Randy Blackwood

While we see a lot of people struggling to get a job, we also notice the ones who leave their jobs. Employee turnover in the current era is quite high which has started to raise questions about the structure of different organizations. What is causing them to leave? What is the reason of their discontentment? Is it the money issue or is the root problem somewhere else? Let's find out in this article.


An organization needs to engage its employees in order to retain them. Managers need to understand that employees should be respected, motivated and trained to become an asset for the company. The implies skills should be put into practice to advance the company, this can be done by adopting a lenient attitude with a humble behaviour towards employees which will intern increase their loyalty towards the company. Do provide them incentives! This will help to motivate and increase interest in the company. If you fail to do so, alas! The employees are not going to respond to their duties in the required manner and they might just leave.


There are many reasons an employee could lose interest in a company. Just as in the interview process where certain individuals are ruled out, employees can also find better opportunities somewhere else and will advance towards them. You need to develop a loyalty in your employees. Talk to them and listen to their concerns. Clear their minds and resolve their doubts. Ponder on their suggestions and concerns. You need to develop a relationship with your employees and make sure that they will not leave you because of the respect and concern that you provide them with your company.


In many cases, we also see that the discontentment in the employee arises due to their personal issues. Maybe they are not pursuing a career they are interested in or they may just be bored. To keep and maintain the employees interest and to retain them as an appropriate incentive should be provided also further career training and development is suggested as this is proof to the employee you are invested in them and they will, in turn, be invested in the company.


In most of the cases, employees do not leave the company because of less income. Rather, they do so because of their discontentment with their managers and failing to find interest in their job. If that is the case, then the organization needs to redefine its structure so that the employees can be retained and thus, the bosses should be trained to be compliant with the employees. The bosses should know how to manage the employees effectively and how to treat them so that they never think of leaving your company.

These are just a few quick summaries of issues that may arise if you don't pay keen attention to your employees.

Randy Blackwood Randy Blackwood, Co-Founder and Recruitment Manager for Blackwood Employment Source Inc. He is an innovative and analytically refined recruiter who enjoys helping top business, hire top talent the first time around. He is the publisher of "The ultimate guide for attracting top accountant professionals," a step by step training manual for recruiting and retaining top accountants. You can connect with Randy at 1-855-999-2374 or

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