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5 Ways to COVID19-Proof Your Restaurant

The hospitality industry was undeniably one of the worst-hit by the novel coronavirus currently sweeping the world. And as restaurants begin to reopen and prepare to welcome diners back through the door, the one main question being asked is how safe it is to eat there? If you own a restaurant, normal cleaning or health and safety procedures are no longer simply good enough and more must be done to ensure that your patrons are kept safe from this potentially deadly new virus. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to COVID19-proof your restaurant, provide your customers with peace of mind, and still make sure that everybody has a good time.

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

Guards and Barriers

Putting up guards and barriers between tables will help to keep customers separate from one another and prevent the spread of the virus via microscopic droplets that are produced while talking, laughing, etc. provide an excellent solution with clear barriers that can be erected between tables in restaurants or along the bar between seats so that customers can still sit down but have additional protection from the virus.

Temperature Checking

One of the most common symptoms of the novel coronavirus is a high temperature, but many people who have it might not realize that they are suffering from COVID19 until their suspicions are aroused if they become uncomfortably feverish. Temperature checking all customers at the entrance before they are able to enter and eat in your restaurant is a quick and easy process that can help to stop the spread of COVID19, by only allowing individuals with a normal temperature range inside.

Social Distancing

Many restaurants have had to change the way that they do things, particularly when it comes to the number of diners that can be allowed inside the restaurant at any one time. You may want to consider having fewer tables available so that there is more space to ensure a one-meter distance between tables and only allow your diners to share a table if they all come from the same household.


Masks and face coverings are now mandatory while in public places in the majority of states, and while nobody's expected to eat their meal with a mask on, you should enforce these guidelines at any other point when a customer is visiting your restaurant. Make it clear that customers are expected to wear face-coverings at any point when they are not sat down to eat, such as getting up to order food, walking to and from their table, or using the restroom.


Any good restaurant will always take hygiene and cleaning very seriously, but in these times of COVID19, it should be stepped up a notch. Allocate more time between table bookings for tables and chairs to be fully disinfected and provide more hand-washing and hand-sanitizing stations around the restaurant for both customers and employees to use. Restaurants were certainly some of the most negatively affected businesses by COVID19, and with the virus still in circulation, it's important for hospitality businesses to put extra measures in place to provide customers with peace of mind.

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