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5 Best Burgers in Birmingham

The fast food industry was worth approximately 435 billion ($570 billion) globally in 2018. This number has grown since, in line with the popularity of this food trend. Without doubt, the first product that pops into one's mind when they say fast food is the burger or the hamburger. Despite the huge number of food trends that came and went in previous years, the burger is still going strong, no matter what.

When was the first burger invented?

The first time recorded that someone cooked a burger was back in the 19th century, in the city of Hamburg, Germany. At that time, they were known as Hamburg steaks and were considered gourmet food and were eaten with the fork and knife. The steak was made from high quality beef seasoned with onion, garlic, salt and pepper. In the 1890s the Hamburg steak crossed the ocean to America, where it was served on bread. By the 20th century, the hamburger turned into the product we know today, so many people attribute the burger to Midwestern America.

In the 20th century the burger battle began in America, as big restaurants were competing with each other to create the biggest, tastiest burger. This battle gave us a good variety of burgers from the cheese burger to the Big Mac. Today one can enjoy a diverse selection of burgers, from the cheap and fast variety to the gourmet burgers.

From gourmet to street food and back to gourmet

What was originally seen as a gourmet food became appealing as fast food dish in the 2000s, being made quickly from cheap ingredients. However, a new trend kicked off and the burger began to turn into gourmet food once again. With the rise of the gourmet burger people started to expect more from the traditional patty, so restaurants came up with new ingredients and new ideas to create an exquisite taste. From special cheese to craft buns, the burgers became more elaborate. The patties also changed when restaurants started to make them from well aged meats for added flavor by using meat aging cabinets such as those available at FFD.

Meat aging might not sound like something revolutionary in theory, but it actually makes the meat tastier and juicier, adding a distinctive flavor to the burger.

There are two main methods used to age the meat: dry and wet. Wet aging consists of putting the meat in a vacuum bag, where it sits in its own juices and becomes more tender. Dry aging consists of exposing the meat to a controlled environment, which alters its tenderness and flavor. To obtain age meat you need to invest in a meat aging cabinet, which can turn any piece of meat into a tender goodness. Burgers made from aged meat have distinct characteristics, which are given by the process of dry aging, turning the entire product into a gourmet dish rather than a fast food sandwich. Commercial refrigeration suppliers like FFD sell a selection of aging cabinets which can be used to turn a regular burger into a special one.

Celebrating Burgers

London celebrated burgers and their creators on 20 of February, during the National Burger Awards, where the best chefs competed for the title and the prestige of making the best burger in the country. But this is not the only way to establish where can you eat the best burger in UK, so we've gathered the top 5 burger places in Birmingham, according to popular choice.

1) OPM - Original Patty Men

One of the iconic burger restaurants is OPM, the creation of two guys who began selling street food before they finally opened their first permanent location in Digbeth in December 2015. The restaurant is famous for its relaxed, laid back style and the dedication to achieve the perfect burger, as well as the fact they use dry cure meats for their patties. The two owners knew nothing about hospitality when they started, but they conquered their customers with their innovative style. Their signature product is Krispy Kreme burger, made from a doughnut bun and a patty from dry cured meat topped with maple bacon, ketchup, mustard and American cheese.

2) Five Guys

Despite the fact this is an American restaurant, it still tops the list of the best burgers in Birmingham thanks to their different approach to this type of fast food. Their signature is not a certain burger combination, but they are famous for letting their clients customize their burgers. Apart from the bacon and cheese, all the other ingredients are free, so you can mix them in your own style to create your unique burger. The patties are hand formed using never frozen ground beef, which is one of the reasons GQ Magazine called them "the best $5 burger a man can eat".

3) The Meat Shack

Founded by Paul Collins in 2012, the restaurant offers burgers made from 100% British well-aged beef. All their burgers look and taste delicious, being a perfect combination of crispy exterior and juicy interior. The Shack is also famous for the cooking method they use, which preserves the burgers' moisture, thus their catch phrase "filthy dripping goodness". Their signature burger is the Mr. C, made from aged beef, American cheese, pickles, iceberg red onion, ketchup and shack sauce.

4) Rebel Chicken

As the name implies, at this restaurant you will find only chicken burgers. Their products are just as tasty as the traditional beef patty, but are a great alternative for those who crave something else. Rebel Chicken offers a good selection of chicken-based dishes, but their signature burger is probably the Yard, which is made with buttermilk marinated fried chicken breast, Swiss cheese, beef tomato, baby lettuce, Siracha mayo and served with chips. You can also customize your burger by adding extra toppings.

5) Bonehead

What makes Bonehead famous in the world of burgers is the fact their patties are made from chicken meat or vegetarian alternatives. When the restaurant first opened it got a lot of attention because it was a direct competitor to other fast food restaurants which sell gourmet fried chicken. Their famous burgers are the original Bonehead and Hothead, but their other dishes are equally famous, so you can try the buttermilk fried chicken or the wings.

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