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Steve Chiappetti, Executive Chef, Viand - Chicago IL

Steve Chiappetti, Executive Chef, Viand - Chicago IL RR: You were born on the South Side of Chicago. How important is this Chicago upbringing in the vision of your restaurant?

Chef: The south side of Chicago is a part of our town where heritage is very important in our eating habits. It has traditions rooted in European philosophy's and is continued on today. It also is a simpler more approachable way of living. The demographic puts more emphasis on family, relationships, and tradition.

RR: You have been quoted as saying that, "A warm atmosphere, friendship and conviviality are just as important as the rest of your ingredients." Can you explain to us how this is shown and implemented at Viand?

Chef: Viand has been designed as an intimate romantic room located at the heart of an urban jungle. We feel Viand expresses itself with personalized service and approachable food.

RR: Viand's menu compiles a number of re-invented classic comfort foods. What inspires you to bring these traditional dishes and updated and modernized look?

Chef: Comfort food is back. It never really ever goes away because its like saying the basics of eating. With the green movement being strong our local vendors and products seem to take the center stage, and with putting purity of products back as the priority so does simplicity in preparation. Viand is all about that.

RR: I could not help but notice Viand's take on an IN and OUT burger as part of your $5 Burger promotion for lunch. Being from California, it has left my mouth watering. Can you speak a little about the scope of the Burger promotion and its successes?

Chef: Burgers are the new steak dish on most upscale menus. It's affordable, highly flavorful, and highly demanded. I have created unique combinations to enrich the flavor of beef, chicken, or vegetables.

RR: Q: What makes the Chicago culinary scene such a vibrant community? (Understand the vague nature of this questions, but, please feel free to add your thoughts).

Chef: Chicago is a very creative culinary town. I feel that we never set a trend, but definitely take the best from a trend and make it Chicagoan. Here the chef's take ownership and pride of there cuisine and never waiver. They really care that there customers just have a good time dining.

155 E. Ontario St.
Chicago, IL
(312) 255-8505

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