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Chef Dan Bavaro and his World Class, Wood Fired Pizza

Dan BavaroAmericans understandably love their pizza and there is no shortage of pizza concepts to keep our citizens fat and happy. Chef Dan Bavaro is somewhat a part of the process, and his greatest challenge is addressing his day-to-day identity crisis. His highly regarded Pizzaiolo Bavaro in Downtown Tampa, Florida is not your typical pizza joint - it can be classified as the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. This Napoletana "Pizza Joint" is a very real Italian restaurant and more in keeping with what one might find in Italy rather than Downtown Tampa.

There are no slices; no deliveries; and he frowns on anyone interested in take-out. The man is an artist with passion and he is light years away from Domino's, Pizza Hut, and the countless number of chains (and independents) that specialize in this classic Italian favorite.

It begins and ends with his handcrafted Estonian birch-fueled oven that was imported from Italy and bakes the pizza at 900 degrees for 90 seconds. It also begins and ends with his ingredients (also imported from Italy) and it's the ingredients that differentiate his concept from almost all the others. There is the Mozzarella di Bufala; the Parmigiano Reggiano; the Prosciutto Di Parma; the San Marzano Tomatoes; the cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil; and the Antiono Caputo Flour. While restaurants all over the world are cutting back, Chef Bavaro will not budge when it comes to quality ingredients. He believes that there is still an audience that will appreciate and pay for the best product available and while it's an ongoing educational process, he is building a strong core of customers who appreciate and understand what he does.


The restaurant is more than pizza, and Chef Salvatore Zammito (also imported from Italy) creates a host of authentic Italian pastas as part of the dining scene and his all-Italian menu. Not surprisingly, his beverage program is all-Italian (Vino & Birre Selections) and Dan's wine list will not include an Italian wine that can be purchased at the retail level in the entire State of Florida. The birres include Peroni, Birra Moretti, and La Rossa.

Dan Bavaro paid his dues that include several years of mastering his craft in Italy. In the early morning he bakes his own bread courtesy of secret, fifth generation Neapolitan recipes, and a trip to the market to select the freshest, mostly organic produce. Chef Bavaro and his unique restaurant represent what this business should be all about.

514 Franklin Street
Tampa, Florida

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