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Macku Chan -- Kaze Sushi, Chicago, IL

Macku Chan RR: What is something about sushi or Japanese cuisine that most people don't know?

Chef Macku: One thing about Japanese cuisine that most people don't know is that the Japanese eat certain fish when it's in season so they are eating fish at its freshest. Also, a lot of people are under the assumption that sushi means raw fish when actually sushi refers to Japanese preparation using seasoned/vinegar rice, seaweed, and wasabi. Another interesting fact about sushi is that while it is a staple in Japanese diets, it actually originated from China.

RR: What is your business philosophy with Kaze Sushi?

Chef Macku: I've learned that the best business philosophy in opening and running a new restaurant is simple: innovative dishes that are unique and most importantly that taste good! It's also important to run a kitchen that values and relies on teamwork. One person cannot make it all happen; everyone needs to be involved. If we all worked together in serving our guests, after the last table is cleared I think everyone on the team will leave with a sense of pride and accomplishment at the end of the evening.

Macku Chan is Executive Chef and Partner of Kaze Sushi in Chicago, IL.

This was an interview excerpt -- click here for the full interview...

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