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Jan Jorgenson -- Two Chefs, South Miami, FL

Jan JorgensonRR: The quality of service in Miami has been questioned in the past, what are your thoughts? And how do you set the service tone and ensure results in your restaurant?

JJ: When first opening a restaurant, you must sort through and properly shape your staff. Eventually, the good staff members will stay and the bad will weed out. It's important to manage within standard restaurant rules/guidelines and to instruct your staff to work hard and remain consistent. The best way to get them to do that is to reward them properly.

We have a great work environment in which the staff and management alike get along. We schedule the bar and wait staff so that no one gets burnt out, but everyone makes money. Other incentives include, staff holiday parties, take home cash for staying under budget, and so on.

RR: What do you think are the "little things" that have to happen every day in a restaurant to ensure consistency, success, and repeat business?

JJ: Attention to detail - clean bathrooms, polished silverware, properly folded napkins, a presentable staff, a menu that patrons understand, attentive service and consistent flavors.

RR: Restaurant numbers -- profits, margins, costs -- how do you get control of these important figures in your business? How much time do you spend on business issues versus time in the kitchen?

JJ: I view the above issues as being part of a workday in and out of the office. You must manage everything - from the garbage can to the staff -- utilize all parts of the fridge, look for products that need attention (before they are swallowed by the garbage can), and business issues are ALWAYS to stay in the kitchen.

Jan Jorgenson is the Chef/Owner of Two Chefs in South Miami, FL

This was an interview excerpt -- click here for the full interview...

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