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A Chef is Born...
by Bob Bickell

Antonio Mermolia It's a classic story of a New York restaurant owner travelling in Italy (Calabria) and discovering an amazingly talented young chef. The kid is cooking in his family restaurant and the food is obviously something very special. The owner (Tony Pecora of IL Punto Ristorante in Manhattan) invites the kid (Antonio Mermolia) to come to the U.S., and for whatever reason, the kid says yes.

Il Punto I had the opportunity to taste his food and spend some time with Antonio in New York. I am not in the habit of predicting the future of any restaurant, and certainly any chef, but this one is an exception. Chef Antonio is going to do great things, and IL Punto wins along with all involved.

The chef has mastered just enough English that works, and his food speaks for itself. In a few short minutes, you see the picture of a young chef filled with the passion and the talent to become something special. He makes the restaurant something special, and everybody wins.

IL Punto Ristorante IL Punto Ristorante
507 9th Avenue
New York

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