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Restaurant Service: GUEST

By David Scott Peters

A quick system to ensure your guests have a great experience is based on a popular acronym in this business: GUESTGreet, Understand, Educate, Satisfy and Thank.

Everyone in your restaurant should be trained (as well as "live and breathe") this fundamental philosophy, from the back of house, to the front of house and management. When a guest walks through your door, graciously greet them. Understand why they're there to meet or exceed their expectations. Educate them on your menu specials. Armed with knowledge of your customer, strive to satisfy their needs.

Last and most importantly, make it a priority to thank them and welcome them back. Be sincere. There's nothing worse than a half-hearted, "Thanks..." as you’re walking out the door.

David Scott Peters is the founder of Smile Button Enterprises, LLC, a hospitality systems consulting firm that trains restaurant owners and managers.

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