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Giving Your Old Restaurant a Fresh New Look - What You Need to Know

Owning a successful restaurant is very much like a balancing act. It takes a number of factors to all balance out, creating that perfect mix of an intriguing and delicious menu, prices that reflect the food and atmosphere, excellent service, and of course an atmosphere that draws customers in and keeps them coming back. And while all these factors may have been in balance when you first opened up, over time some areas will require attention.

One of the most common things that restaurant owners face is the question of when to renovate. The last thing you want is for the restaurant to feel old, rundown, and not inviting to customers. This alone will drive people away.

If you have got an older restaurant that is in desperate need of a fresh new look, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Take the Time to Create a Plan

One of the most important tips comes into play before renovations even begin and that's to have a plan. Going about renovations and tweaks in the moment is sure to lead to disaster. You may not end up with a cohesive look, it can cost more money in the end, and can take more time to complete the renovations. That means more time you need to leave your doors closed.

Make sure your plan includes such things as décor/theme, table placement, materials used, the timeline, budget, and so forth.

Choose the Ideal Contractor and Designer

Because you are talking about a full restaurant rather than just a room in your house, it's really best to hire on a designer and contractor from the get go. They can work with you during the planning stages to point out issues and ideas you may not have even thought of. They can also make sure of their own industry connections when it comes to sourcing materials.

Be Careful If You Suspect there is Lead Paint

Depending on the age of your restaurant and when renovations were last done, it's also important to be aware that lead paint could be a factor. For those buildings that were built before 1978, you need to proceed with caution, as it wasn't until this time that the federal government banned the use of it.

Performing any renovations on a building with lead paint is risky and can even result in lead poisoning. As ZOTA Professional Training points out, it's important you use a professional with experience in lead renovation and holds a valid certification. Keep in mind a Lead Renovator Certification is required for any repair, renovation, and painting work done in a home or building.

Give Your Customers Plenty of Notice

Finally, you want to give your customers plenty of notice that renovations will be occurring and will last a specific amount of time. You want to cause as little upset and inconvenience to them as possible.

A good idea is to also make the re-opening a big deal, causing buzz and interest. You can get the word out through local advertising, word of mouth, an email blast (if you have a contact list), and of course through social media.

Giving your restaurant the fresh new look that it deserves can breathe life back into it.

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