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Mobile Apps for Restaurants Owners
By Stephanie Shih, Marketing Intern at Software Advice.

After looking through a wide array of apps, I drew up a list of six that I'm most excited about. For a more in depth look into these apps, take a look at my article over on the Software Advice blog: 6 Mobile Apps Restaurant Owners Should Know About.

1. ChowNow

ChowNow is an online ordering platform. ChowNow lets a customer to order food online through the restaurant's Facebook page, website, or ChowNow powered mobile app.

2. Tabbedout

Tabbedout is a mobile payment app. Tabbedout lets customers manage and pay for their tab using their smartphone. All they have to do is open the app, enter their information, and click "Open Tab."

3. Diner Connection

Diner Connection is a wait-list manager that allows staff to not only communicate with customers via text message, but also get rid of those pesky pagers!

4. Uncorkd

Uncorkd is a wine menu that can be used on the iPad. Restaurant owners simply enter in their wine listing as well as additional information like a wine's origin and age.

5. GoPago

GoPago is a mobile ordering system. Customers can access the app on their smartphone and use it to browse, order, and pay for food.

6. Belly

Belly is a digital rewards program. Customers earn points every time they scan their Belly card or QR code in a restaurant. After they reach a certain number of points, they earn a reward determined by the restaurant owner.

By Stephanie Shih, Marketing Intern at Software Advice.

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