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Food Delivery Apps: Advice for Restaurant Owners

restaurant delivery

According to recent statistics, 56% of restaurant owners want to develop or expand their takeout offering, 34% want to initiate or strengthen their online ordering, and 31% want to offer delivery services.

If your restaurant isn't offering food delivery services, you're missing out on a profitable option that could help you thrive during these unprecedented times.

Interested in working with a food delivery app? Here are a few options.


DoorDash is among the most well-known companies offering food delivery. It is present in all 50 states and over 800 cities nationally. The company charges low fees for restaurants. You can expect to pay a 20 percent commission on each order placed with you. The service is also an affordable option for customers, making it an obvious contender in the food delivery app space. DoorDash is also known for its consistently good customer service.


With over 14.5 million users, GrubHub is another option for restaurant owners to consider. With wide availability throughout US cities, people have gotten to know the service well and trust it with their food delivery orders.

GrubHub charges 15 to 30 percent commission on all orders placed, placing it on the lower-cost end of options for restaurants to consider. The service is available in all 50 states as well as 2,700+ cities.


Although a smaller scale operation, Postmates offers many benefits that other food delivery app services do not. For example, it has a Party section that allows multiple customers to share delivery times in the same area. Doing so brings a lot of repeat business to the restaurants that work with Postmates. The company charges a 30 percent commission on orders and has drivers available in all 50 states.


One of the most widely recognized names, UberEats is a service offered by the popular rideshare company. It isn't as widespread as some other food delivery app services, with a presence in 500 cities across 50 states. Still, it has a reputation that people can easily track. The familiarity of the name paired with the relatively low delivery fees makes it an enticing option for hungry customers. If you decide to use this service for your restaurant, you'll pay 30 to 40 percent commission on each order. It's a steep price to pay but could potentially double the amount of traffic you receive on your restaurant's website.

The bottom line As you can see, there are many options to choose from and variables to consider. Firstly, knowing which food delivery app services are available in your area is vital. Learning more about their pricing and reputation with customers is also imperative. This will most probably narrow down your choices to one or two reliable companies to partner with and use exclusively.

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