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Shiftgig: Hire Smarter to Grow Your Restaurant

The benefits of having a social media-savvy staff are immeasurable. As your patrons look to social media for recommendations and deals, it is important to understand these new spaces and, more importantly, employ people who know how to use them to your advantage.

A little effort on these platforms can turn a few minutes from your staff into a major marketing play, particularly if they themselves have a following. But where do you find these experts and influencers in the restaurant industry? The answer is Shiftgig.

Shiftgig, the employment community for the service industry, provides hiring managers with a network of over 350,000 industry employees with profiles that have far more information than a standard resume.

Candidates with wide influence can show off their networks and display their skills and personality in a way traditional resumes and hiring methods can't provide. This gives you, as the employer, a more insightful look into a potential employee even before deciding to bring him in for an interview. Shiftgig also protects both you and the candidate in how it displays this information, allowing a level of privacy and discretion without skimping on data.

Staff turnover in the restaurant world can be a costly problem. At an average yearly turnover rate of nearly 80%, hiring is a constant need. With so many other expenses that are necessary to running a successful establishment, solutions have to be affordable. Shiftgig offers its tools to find candidates for free.

With Shiftgig, you're also more likely to find a candidate that fits the culture of your restaurant more quickly than traditional methods and stays with you, saving you transition costs in the future.

Take a look at Shiftgig today, post a job for free and hire smarter from this day forward.

Shiftgig Website:

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